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The Dean & JoJo Story DVD

Dolphin Ambassadors For Peace  Download

On December 19, 2011, a webinar featured by the Teachers Without Borders Peace Education Program and affiliated with the online course programs for teachers and counselors was presented by Laurie Woodward and Dean Bernal.

Dean and JoJo Peace Education Webinar  Download

Alternatives to Bullying v2  Download
Redirecting Bullies Elementry-High School Download  
Week-long Outline Download  Download
Worksheets   Download
Survey v2  Download

School Programs

Elementary School Activity Book 5-12  Download
Elementary School Questions for Discussion  Download

Kid's Program

The Dean and JoJo Kid's Book  Download

High School to Adult

Summary of the Story of Dean & JoJo  Download
Table of Contents  Download


Laurie and Dean Testimonial  Download

Grants Approved Samples

Care & Share  Download
Instructional Strategy Team Coach  Download

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