In the News

Celebrity Associations

Simon Becker, UK Just Desserts TV Program

Raphaelle Monod, World Champion and Olympic National French Champion Free Style Skier, 1992 Olympics. Photo Shoot with JoJo. Sept. 30th 1991.

Natalie, French World Champion Down Hill Ski Racer and Olympic Champion

Umberto Pellitzari, World Champion Free Diver 1991/1992

David Crosby, Crosby Stills and Nash, Autobiography Long Time Gone

Lynn Moody, Life Styles of the Rich and Famous

Brooke Shields, Actress and Model

Dick Clark, TV Talk Show Host

Kennith G. Mills, Writer, Philosopher, Composer, and Director

Horace Dobbs, International Dolphin Watch

Princess Alexandria, British Royalty

Prince Charles, Duke of Edinburg:

Prince Sadrin Aga Kan

Ashley Montaug, Model: Christina Ladas,

Model: Juili Pinkly, Model

Larry Conklin, Musician and song writer Snow Tiger

Robb Palmer, England Environmentalist\Naturalist

David Saunders, Naturalist and environmentalist

Virginna McKenna, Born Free Foundation

Annie Price, UK Photographer Surrey

Martha Holmes, UK Sea Trek : Toni White, Producer Film Maker

Michael and Mariam Friedel. Photo Journalist

Mayor June Rowlands: City of Toronto, City Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 2N2

Cathy Kinsman (musician and artist) and Zoo Check Canada Board of Directors.

The Promise Robin Williams, Actor and Comedian, USA

Carola Ferstl, German talk show, N.T.V.

Mikako Kotani, Olympic swimming champion, Japan

Bob Talbott : Free Willie

Amaryllis Bataille Sculptures, Lyon France