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IMAX Films 1997 as Bob Talbott director. Dean and JoJo out at Sea in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

TVRK, Norway, Oct 97, Wildlife protection Interviews, eg JOJO and Flipper. Dean Bernal TV 2 Bjorn Grmen Norway, The JOJO and Flipper Story Oct 1997

TV Norge and TV Haugaland, Oct 97 Flipper and JOJO presentations and TV eg wildlife. Dean Bernal

NRK TV Haugesund, Eva Sleirre ph 52 72 22 55. , Oct 1997 Dean Bernal and Flipper Fuji TV Japan. Feb 18th - Feb 22nd. JOJO Story in Turks and Caicos. Two Japanese stars meet Dean Bernal and JOJO in The Turks and Caicos Islands. Protection and importance of dolphins.

Larry Sorensen Video. 111 Rising Rd., Mill Valey ,Calif USA. 94941 ph 1800 car-club ext 6626 early Dean/JOJO Video footage.

David Haworth, Providenciales #1, Turks and Caicos, Eco-Tourism Destination. @ 1989. (JoJo featured as unique form of wildlife protected by Government) Also has stock footage:

"Hang Loose", JoJo and Dean footage-Italian TV Series: Producer, Chico Forti c/o Julie Corda, 20145 Italiano:

"JoJo The Savage Dolphin". Film maker, Romal Soukup. A documentary of JoJo on 16 mm film. Award winner. Ref: 2843 Cd 071191 for 14 International Skolni 1373, 347 01 TACHOV Czechoslovakia

"Into the Blue" Dolphin Rehabilitation in the Turks and Caicos. 1991. Written by William Johnson, Narrated by Michael Caine, @ Silverback Productions. (The ITB Project and The Turks and Caicos featured as the country with the consciousness to protect a lone dolphin, JoJo.) Bellerive Foundation,

"Jacques Le Dolphin" @ 1990, Canal Plus Television. Producer, Allain Trellu, 78 Rue Oliver De Serres. 755015 Paris  (JoJo featured in the documentary of "The Big Blue", Jacques Mayol) and commercial product"Jacques Le Dauphin".

Vision White Co. Documentary film on JoJo on the date of Oct 5 1991. Mrs. Takako Iwatani, Kyoristukosa Shiroganedai Bldg.5-3-3 Shiroganedia Minatoko, Toyoko 108 Japan. Mr. Seido Hino, Producer and Director.

JoJo Documentary. 4-17-408 Akasaka 6-chome Minato-ko Tokoyo Japan  JoJo Documentary aired in Japan 1992. Filming Dates, Sept 14, 1991

"Wing Span" Nippon airlines in-flight magazine. Second Largest Airline in Japan. Mayol story involving JoJo and Dean. Access dates April 4, 1992. Tomoko Hirose, Click Co.LTD, #515 1-4-36 Nishiazabu, Manato-ko, Tokoyo, Japan.

Water Planet Images, Producer, Linda and Guy Atkinson. Documentary on the JoJo relationship and Warden. "Dean Bernal Speaks about his friend JoJo the dolphin." 306 Gilman Ave. Longhorn, PA. 19047.

BBC Television North. TV documentary with JoJo and ITB in theTurks and Caicos, 1991. PO Box 27 Oxford Rd Manchester M601SJ.

Sea Cam Underwater Video, George Montiero "JoJo Story" Excellent short documentary. 7161 NW 48ct. Lauderhill Fl.33319.

Etienne Verhaegen, Producer."Racontes Moi Les Dauphins" Avec Bernard Delmote et Jacques Mayol 1990. CINEMA Direct S.P.R.L.27 Schuttersvest, 2800 Mechelen Belgum #33

Umberto Pellizari life documentary, 1991 Luca Torcello Director and Producer. Intituto Iperbarico Documentary footage of JoJo and Umberto taken by Dean during reef swims and Jojo encounters.

Masato Sakano, Tokoyo, Japan. Dolphin video Dean and JoJo.c/o Kaoru Sasaki translator.

Joe Phillips. Film of JoJo with Dean to music. For presentations in Great Britain April 93; Joe Phillips Oakwood, 38 Readding Rd. Blackwater,Camberley, Surrey, England. P.O. GU17 0AY. BBC TV.

"Blue Peters" TV, UK April 19th 1993. Interview with Dean Bernal and protection of Dolphins and Habitats. Television Center, Wood Lane, London. W12 7RJ.

Sky TV. Television PLC, Satellite. April 22 1993. Dean Bernal/JoJo and Rod Penrose on the protection of cetacean habitats. 6 Centaurs Business Park. Grant Way, Isleworth Middlesex TW7 5QD

Video, Aeros Ramazzotti, Italy, JoJo and Dean swimming in ITB video music. Release of "Missy" and "Silver" 1993 tour of Europe Aeros Ramazzotti

International News clip of October 1993 for Aeros Ramazzotti in concert for Europe tour. News clip on ITB and section clip of Dean and JoJo unnamed. Interview with Aeros on ITB. (copy on file with Bellerive Italia)

Japan TV, "News 23" by TBS, May 1994 by Masato Sakano. Mina handicapped girl with JoJo and Dean, introduction in Turks and Caicos Islands. 

Tigress Productions with Robin Williams and Dean Bernal on dolphins and Bahamas wild dolphins, June 1994 filming, Turks and Caicos filming June 13-15. Continued filming September 1994. Contact Jeremy Bradshe, 5 Sotto Square, London WIV 51E, "In The Wild- Dolphins" The Natural World of Discovery PBS ch 13 nov 1995 aired.

Japan VHS tape. Released June 30, 1994 by Masato Sakano. JoJo and Dean Bernal in Turks and Caicos. Preservation of unique wildlife  Circlet Co.  Japan.

Cousteau Society, Jean Michelle Cousteau c/o Steve Arrington,Chief Diver, The Cousteau Society, 8440 Santa Monica Blvd. LA, CA. 90069. Five part film, ending segment on JoJo.Ref: Sandy Ostertag,

Research Video/Film. JoJo and Mirror with music reaction. Crystal River, Florida   Joshua Courtiers school study. 121 NW Crystal Street, Crystal River, FL 34428 Filmmaker, Phill Carter

Nicholas and Xavier Roy "Yann and the dolphin, JoJo. Dean introduces a child to JoJo and he returns to Turks and Caicos to visit them again. 1994, France TV. Oshua TV October 1994.

Channel 3 Franch TV. News Broadcast. November 19, 1994. Dean Bernal and Rick O’barry for wild dolphins in Europe and the world. C/O Anne Pichon for information, for Europe conservation support.

Jeopardy TV Game Show, Nov. 20th 1996, USA, 200 dollar category question. "What is JoJo in Turks and Caicos?" Contestant answers dolphin correctly.

Fleur de Lampaul vessel. Producer Charles Herve Gruyer. Add Archipel 25 Rue de la Victoire 85350 Lille de Yeu France. Children meeting Dean and JoJo after,traveling the world’s oceans.Feb 19, 1996. contact Anne Collet Oceanigraphic Museum

Leser Active Mega LD Disk. Melon Brains by Pioneer. Exploring the Mind of the Dolphins. JoJo Segments Film by Masato Sakano. Manufactured by Pioneer Elect. Corp., Japan 1994 studio Garage Multimedia Creators Network (PEASJ1011) Exec Prod. Kaoru Hayashi- Japan.

IMAX Films 1997 as Bob Talbott director. Dean and JoJo out at Sea in the Turks and Caicos Islands.